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Bring your children along to our Saturday Morning and Midweek Soccer Centres for enjoyable, well-structured skills training and mini-games, run by experienced FA-qualified coaches. No need to book, just turn up on a Monday evening, Wednesday evening or Saturday morning at Jubilee Park, Reading Road, Henley-on-Thames, opposite Tesco. Postcode for satnavs is RG9 4HA.

Saturday: Mini-Soccer Centre
For ages U4 - U8.
Led by FA coach Jack Woodley with coaches from Reading FC.
Venue: Jubilee Park.
AutumnTerm 2019: Sat 7 Sept to Sat 14 Dec, including half-term weekends.
Times and charges:

9.15-10.15 U5/U6 (Rec/Y1) £6 wk/£60 term or £140 for the year Sept-July
10.30-12.00 U7/U8 (Y2/Y3) £7 wk/£70 term or £160 for the year Sept-July

Fees can be paid in three ways:
- Cash or cheque for PAYG
- preferably online for term or year.

For online payments, click on Payments and then click on View All. Siblings of MSC or full club members are half price. Families on benefits or limited incomes can apply for financial assistance from the Henley Educational Trust - please ask at the gate.

When members reach U8 they are gradually introduced to competitive football, involving occasional friendlies and summer 6-a-side tournaments. They then start competitive league football at U9 (Y4). For more information, please contact


Player Development Centre Information:

Monday 5.00-6.00 - Junior Soccer Centre (U9-U12) - A fun and safe environment for children to come and play some extra football in their working week - these sessions are open to anyone who would like to come and play. We charge £6.00 per session and you can 'pay as you play' if you would like to. Alternatively, there is an option to book online for 1 term, with an online booking you will receive free sessions during the term you have selected.

Tuesday 5.00-6.00 - P.D.C 1 (U5-U8) - These sessions are slightly more technical than other sessions we coach. P.D.C 1 is designed to challenge our better players in the club. A select few players will have the opportunity to train with Reading F.C Academy providing the players in question have developed beyond their peers and possess good traits consistent with the FA 4-corner model. In the last 5 years we have managed to send around 10 players from this group to Reading F.C Academy. To attend these sessions you must receive an invitation, please do not turn up if you have not been asked.

Tuesday 6.00-7.00 - 'Girls Only' Session (U4-U11) - These sessions are designed for female players only. Our aim is to grow our club by having at least one girls' team in each of our year groups by the start of the 20/21 season.

Wednesday 5.00-6.00 - Midweek M.S.C (U4-U8) - Our Saturday M.S.C centre has become such a success in recent years that we have the opportunity to run another session exactly the same on a Wednesday. We offer these sessions to anyone who would like some more football fun in their school/nursery week. You can 'pay as you play' for £6.00 per session, you will also receive free sessions if you book online.

Thursday 5.00-6.00 - P.D.C 2 (U9-U12) - These sessions are slightly more technical than other sessions we coach, similar to the P.D.C 1, but more age-appropriate for the participants.

Thursday 6.00-7.30 - P.D.C 3 (U13-U16) - These sessions are much more technical than any other sessions we coach as the participants are much older and performing at 11-a-side. Our Community team are UEFA B trained and are looking to always develop their coaching and the players in each year. Samuel Bell is the U18 First Team Coach at AFC Henley, we aim for Sam to coach as many of our players before they reach this stage of their football careers.

Friday 5.00-6.00 - G.K.D.C - (U8-U14) - These sessions are for any young and aspiring Goalkeepers to come and join us for some qualified GK coaching practices. We welcome anyone to come and join these sessions. You must book online for the entirety of the term; we do not accept 'pay as you play' for these sessions.

All our weekly sessions are coached on the AstroTurf at Jubilee Park during the Autumn and Spring Terms and then on the grass at Jubilee Park during the Summer Term.